The passion of guitarist Attilio for the music of the great CARLOS SANTANA, she pushed him in the year 2000, looking for musicians in order to a formation similar to that of the band of the guitarist Mexican. Exhausting and long work to form a repertoire entirely dedicated to the music of the great of Autlan guitarist from its origins (Woodstock - Abraxas) at Supernatural .. Most songs are taken from the DVD of the held concert from Carlos Santana in south America in the 1993 "Live in Mexico" from which
Attilio he had chose the name for the his band: "Sacred Fire".
Their repertory is dedicated entire to the great Carlos Santana, from the origins, (Woodstock/Abraxas) to Supernatural...

the project '' Sacred Fire ''
the Sacred Fire band tribute to Santana (new formation 2010) exactly reproposes the project realized from Carlos Santana in 1993 called Sacred Fire in honor of Cesar Chavez that in its life fought in order to elevate the human condition and in particular for the rights of workers, the civil rights, the political representation for the racial minorities and for the justice acclimatizes . He has been like the Gandhi or Martin Luther King and other large ones of the earth, a promoter of the change social not violent.

Santana: source of the rhythm.
From always the music of Carlos Santana is an 'explosion of joy of Latin rhythms, which has its roots both in the origin Mexican of the guitarist, that from the evident attraction of all the members of the group towards the rhythms Afro-Cubans and polyrhythms Brazilians , the world of the rhythm south american in its totality.
One of the fundamental characteristics of the Santana style is infact the great prominence given to the instruments to percussion: in training that from the beginning accompanies Carlos Santana he has always had three percussionists who were divided between congas and bongos the one hand, timbales, cowbells and effects on the other. Between the various formations of the group moreover, militated have various instrumentalists that have made the history of the percussions, from Armando Peraza to Jose' Chepito Areas, from Mike Carabello to Raul Rekow, just to name a few.

The tribute band Sacred Fire wants to explore the side purely rhythmic of the production of Santana and propose therefore in his concerts a selection of the most famous and important pieces from the point of view of the ritmico content, that enhance the Latin melodies , the articulate soloist, sophisticated and imaginative of the same Santana, and allows at the percussionists launching into solo flights exciting but never an end in themselves,in contrary , integrating part of the musical vision of one of plus the great composers and interpreters of music rock.

From the recovery of the tradition Afro-Cuban, with mythical pieces like
''Para Los Rumberos'' and the classic ''Oye Como Va'' , to pieces from the harmonic structure plus complex but not less fascinating like ''Jingo Lo Ba'' , or gipsy /Spanish like ''Gitano'' that pose in relief the charge, the joy of playing this music.

The great rhythmic mastery, the alchemy of rhythm or melodies, perfectly balanced in a prescription that has made of Carlos Santana one of the absolute protagonists of music of our time, a artist extremely original, unique and inimitable. You can 'safely say that the music of Carlos Santana and' can meet every need of emotions, and listen his music ...
.... is how to drink at the source of rhythm.

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